I can't get iUAE to run. How does it work?

Below instruction videos should help. If this doesn't work make sure:

-File is called kick.Rom or kick13.rom
-You're using kickstart rom version 1.3
-Your ROM-File isn't faulty

YouTube Video

iUAE Howto without Jailbreak

Where do I get ROM-Files

There are two ways:

-Buy Cloanto Amiga Forever DVD on http://www.amigaforever.com. For this roms to work you need to copy Cloanto Amiga Forever file (rom.key) using Itunes or iFile. This file is required to decrypt the roms.
-Extract Rom-Files from your real Amiga. There are many guides how to do this for Example this one: http://ale.emuunlim.com/guides/get-kick-rom.shtml. I haven't tried it myself so won't be able to help you with the process.

All other ways are illegal, so don't ask me for Romfiles or where to get them

Where do I get games?

Games have to be Converted to .adf-Files to run on the emulator.

-One source of Games is Cloanto Amiga Forever available on http://www.amigaforever.com
-You can Create Games ADF-Files from your Amiga Games on a real amiga. There are many guides how to do this for Example this one: http://ale.emuunlim.com/guides/adf-create.shtml
-Some games are legally available for download. You can find a list of legally available download source here: http://www.amigaflame.com/amilinks.htm

How to Use Harddiskfiles?

Hard drive support is currently limited: only a single hard drive file (.hdf) can be mounted. Swipe on the HD0 row to unmount. To create a hard drive file, you can use xdftool from the excellent amitools, for example:

xdftool new.hdf create size=10Mi

Use iTunes to copy the .hdf file to your device. Alternatively you can also add the hdf file to the Xcode project when building iUAE, however it will be read-only. Note that you need to have kickstart 1.3 or higher for hard drives to work correctly.